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        Winfox Cable is a company dedicated to manufacturing custom services in superior quality. Its problem-solving team is knowledgeable, experienced and ready to assist you from the beginning of your project. With over thirty year of experience in the manufacture of custom cable assemblies, the company is capable of developing cable assembly products to meet various requirements and applications.

        Winfox always pursues the excellence and flawness performance. Not just its internal staff works as a team. It also works with its customers as a team. Browse the following types of custom services and feel free to contact us.

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proimages/in-product/PIC/automation.png proimages/in-product/PIC/coil_cord.png proimages/in-product/PIC/flat.png
 proimages/in-product/PIC/hybrid2.png  proimages/in-product/PIC/medical2.png  proimages/in-product/PIC/medical4.png
 proimages/in-product/PIC/robot.png  proimages/in-product/PIC/tinsel4w.png  proimages/in-product/PIC/medical5.png

Due to product images are only for the brief concepts and ideas, if you can't find any information or product you need in this page, please feel free to Contact us directly.