Composite Cable

Cable in which conductors of different gages or types are combined under one sheath.
Base on that, you can gain concise look, smaller size and multi-function in just one cable, 

Our composite cable provides extra strength against environmental effects of salt spray, temperature, and humidity changes. Also, there is no electromagnetic interference due to solid insulation and close ends which give better shielding, braiding with more wires will result in more reduction in inductive coupling and higher overall performance of the cable.

Why you need a custom composite cable?
*Save money
Choosing a composite cable rather than a laundry list of individual parts will almost always save you money in the long run.
*Save space
Instead of dealing with a tangled bunch of individual wires, all the necessary parts are built into a single custom cable solution that is easier to install, and takes up much less space.
Combining different types of wire and cable under a common jacket which speeds up installations, eliminates the guess work in installation estimates, reduces pulling stress on the wire, and cuts down on costly installation errors.
Possibilities are unlimited when it comes to custom composite cable and custom hybrid cable. You can combine various AWG sizes and materials and even multiple types of cable that serve different functions in the application. Winfox Cable Solution’s custom cable engineers have created countless composite constructions to meet the unique needs of our customers. 
Could custom composite cables streamline your application? Mail to  to discuss your requirements with Winfox Cable Solution’s custom cable experts.

Number of wires / Conductor Size / Coating Material / Shielding Type / Dimension / Small Quanity Production

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