Multicore Cable

A multi-wire cable contains more than one conductor in its jacket so that the cable can carry power, signals, and data at the same time. In other words, it simplifies the connection between systems and equipment by integrating multiple functions into one single cable. Winfox’s custom multi-wire cable solution features heat resistance, moisture resistance, and salt-spray resistance, which renders excellent protection to the wires even in harsh working environments. Our insulation and shielding technology free the conductors from electromagnetic interferences (EMI) such as inductive coupling. The EMI shielding technology and close-end design of our custom cable ensure the effective transmission of data and signals and hence improve its overall performance.

Why do you need a custom multi-wire cable?
The custom multi-wire cable is advantageous for two reasons. First, it cuts down the cost. The expense of one multi-wire cable is usually lower than a number of individual wires put together in the long run. Second, the multi-wire cable is space-saving. Since all the conductors are integrated into one cable, such a setup takes up less space than separated cables. In addition to its economy and space-saving characteristics, the multi-conductor cable comes with ease of installation and maintenance.

Winfox's custom multi-wire cable solution grants you the freedom to merge conductors for different purposes into one unit. With extensive experience in devising wire and cable solutions for our clients, you can place your trust in Winfox to customize a cable that meets all your requirements. Contact us right now to learn more about our products and service.

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