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Winfox Cable Solution is a leading medical cable manufacturer in custom medical cable manufacturing, custom designed cables in Taiwan. 

We can provide both the standard and custom manufactured ECG, EKG, EEG, EMG, SPO2, NIBP, IBP, electrosurgery….. cables to meet your demand. On the other hand, we can provide cable solutions to biocompatibility, high temperature, low noise, chemical resistance, high flex life, resistance to steam, gamma, ETO and other sterilization methods. Still searching an ideal custom medical cable manufacturer? Winfox will be the answer! 

Customize your medical cables

Most of the cables used in medical environments and equipment are made with high performance, specialized materials or for specialized environments.  Winfox has been focusing on customized medical cables for over 30 years.  Applications include ECG, EKG, SPO2, dental equipment, aesthetic medicine, rehabilitation equipment, endoscopes, medical monitoring equipment, etc. After many years of development, the most common requirements for medical cables are as follows: 

When designing or customizing your cables, feel free to chat with our team, who will be glad to help you.

High Strength/ Flexibility/Flex life
High strength, flexibility and flex life are common requirements in medical cables.  Winfox's design and manufacturing team can create the structure and materials according to the tension and flexibility that you desire.  And we will do our best to design and test according to your bending requirements in an effort to meet your practical application needs.

B.Low Noise Cable
Low noise transmission is essential to maintaining the integrity of small signals.  The difference between low noise cables and ordinary cables is the special insulation coating. The insulation coating can have the greatest effect in reducing noises that occur when cables move or are twisted, which helps meet transmission needs.  In order to ensure that clients get high quality, low noise cables, we conduct EC53 tests before shipping.

As the medical environment or equipment varies, so does the grade of materials requested.  Winfox can provide biocompatible materials.  The most common grades for biocompatible materials are USP Class VI and ISO-10993.  Ordinarily, when your product comes into contact with a disease and is used by the surgical department, you can choose to use it.  We currently offer PVC, TPE, TPU, silicone and more biocompatible medical grade materials.

Medical cables that need to be reused need to be able to endure repeated sterilization.  Different sterilization methods necessitate different types of materials.  When designing your cables, please don't forget to point out your sterilization method to us.  Common sterilization methods include the following:

2.Ethylene Oxide 

3.Gamma Rays 

Custom service

A.Hybrid Cable
Complicated medical apparatuses or environments require the conformity of many types of cables.  Hybrid cables can combine all of your needs into one.  For example, you can add power and signal cables, coaxial and shielded cables and pneumatic or hydraulic hoses to the structure.  This allows you to make designs according to your practical needs.
A good hybrid cable design needs to consider many aspects in order to provide all-around usage.  With many years of customization experience, Winfox Cable Solution Co., Ltd can provide comprehensive, economical ideas during your early design stages.  Let us work with you in your development design or quality improvement.

Variety of profile/Scope
Are machines and usage spaces limiting the shape of your cables?  In addition to circular cables, we also have very fine, ellipse shaped, square, doubling, ribbon cables, irregular/asymmetrical cables, etc.  We can make evaluations based on your practical needs.

Reinforce silicone cable
Medical environments can be complicated and harsh.  We can help by providing you with high strength, anti-deformation reinforced silicon cables which can endure repeated cleaning.

*ISO10993 / USP Class VI / Bioburden Requirement / EC53 Standard / Flexibility (Flex Life) / Pull Strength / Small Quantity / Hybrid construction / Sterilization / Application

Due to product images are only for the brief concepts and ideas, if you can't find any information or product you need in this page, please feel free to Contact us directly.


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Due to product images are only for the brief concepts and ideas, if you can't find any information or product you need in this page, please feel free to Contact us directly.

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Due to product images are only for the brief concepts and ideas, if you can't find any information or product you need in this page, please feel free to Contact us directly.