Silicone Wire & Cable

Silicon wires are made of copper wire conductor that uses silicone rubber as insulation. The application of silicon wires and cables is prevalent across a broad breadth of industries because of several advantages. The silicon wire and cable are highly heat-resistant and provide a wide working-temperature range (from around -100 to 200 degrees Celsius). Moreover, the high melting point of silicone prevents the wire and cable from gas releasing and smoking at high working temperatures. Second, the silicone rubber insulation gives the wire excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance. These physical characteristics make the silicone wire extra robust and durable in rough environments. The silicone wire is also advantageous owing to its chemical and oil resistance. It does not react to chemicals that can be found in most industrial settings. However, silicone has low battery-acid resistance. Therefore, it is advisable to consider other types of wiring for battery-related applications.

Since the silicone wire is able to handle heat, chemicals, and physical wear, it is ideal for not only general-purpose wiring applications but also heat-sensitive applications in harsh working environments. All these characteristics make silicone wiring aging resistant and thus it is a reliable choice in several sectors. For example, high-temperature machines such as motors and generators adopt silicone wires for safety and performance purposes. Medical equipment such as catheters, sensors, feeding tubes, autoclaves, and medical robots choose silicone wire because of its solvent and chemical resistance. In the engineering and automation sector, machines are required to perform repetitive flexing operations. As a result, silicone wires, with great abrasion resistance, are always the first choice when it comes to wiring solutions. Other common applications include electronics, aerospace, fire cables, power supply units, and lighting fittings where heat is included.

Durometer( Shore 50A~80A) / Conductor size / Construction / Dimenstion / Small Quantity Production

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