Thermocouple Cable & Wire

What is a thermocouple wire?
The thermocouple wire/cable is an essential part of the thermocouple probe. The thermocouple probe is also called the thermocouple. It is a piece of sensing equipment that measures temperature. It allows technicians or engineers to monitor the temperature of a working instrument. The installation of the wire and the materials used to make the wire both affects the accuracy of the thermocouple unit.

Construction of the thermocouple wire
The thermocouple wire is a bimetallic piece. On the sensing end (the probe), the wire is made up of two metals. There is more than one combination of the metals that are used to make the wire conductor. It connects the thermocouple probe and the console that processes and displays readings. One thing to note here is that there is the thermo-grade wire and extension-grade wire. The former can be used to make the sensing end and the latter can only serve as the material to deliver the signal.

What are the applications of the thermocouple wire?
The thermo-sensing equipment is required in multiple fields, such as the power industry, healthcare industry, petrochemical industry, food processing industry, to name a few. In the said fields and more, the accuracy of the temperature reading is imperative, and therefore there is a great demand for fine-quality thermocouple wires. Winfox provides a wide selection of thermocouple wires, including the K-type and T-type wire with solid/standard conductor and the PVC, PU, Teflon, or silicone insulation.

K Type / T Type / Solid or Standard Conductor / PVC, PU, Teflon, Silicone insulation available / small-quantity production

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