Custom Profile Cable

Why do you need customized cables?
When you face especially harsh conditions or complicated applications, conventional cables might not be able to help you complete your tasks.  Customized cables just might be your answer.  Whether it is for initial designs or to enhance the functions of existing products, Winfox Cable Solution Co., Ltd can meet your needs by manufacturing specialized/customized cables just for you.

Value Added
Compared to common cables on the market, customized cables can be designed, improved and manufactured according to your specific requirements.  This can not only increase the performance of products, but also their value.

Longer Life
Using commonly available cables in specialized, harsh or complicated conditions can lead to insufficient performance and unreliability.  This can even put the products or machines at risk of shutting down.  Customized cables are designed for continual use in these environments, which will prevent those types of situations and increase the lifespan of your cables.

C.Exactly Fits Your Need
Commonly available cables usually cannot live up to special usage conditions and requirements.  Customized cables can be designed and manufactured according to your usage environment and requirements so that they are completely in line with your practical needs.

Our Capability
Different applications and environments necessitate different structures and materials.  Winfox can provide many types of materials for you to choose from, including conductor materials and structures, insulation and jacket materials, shielding materials, filler strengthening materials, etc.  For more details, please see our "Production Capability".

Variety of profile/Scope

In addition to the conventional circular shape, we also have very fine cables, ellipses, squares, flat cable, ribbon cables, irregular/asymmetric cables, etc.  We can make evaluations based on your practical needs.


Winfox's customized cables can be made for many types of applications and environments, including the following:

1.Medical equipment 2.Automated equipment 3.Robots/robotic arms 4.Data transmission 5.Audiovisual equipment 6.Exercise equipment 7.Thermocouples 8.Spring cables 

Usage environments:
1.High and low temperatures 2.High tensile 3.Abrasion resistant 4.Oil resistant 5.Chemical resistant 6.Weatherproof 7.Highly soft 8.Flame resistant

Our Advantage

A.Flexible delivery time from 3 days to 2 weeks (will be adjusted according to practical factors such as cable materials and complexity)
We deeply understand how important delivery is to our clients.  That is why at Winfox we devote ourselves to the management and dispatching of factory production schedules.  Factory scheduling allows us to achieve the greatest flexibility according to our clients' needs so that clients can complete cable designs, proofing and manufacturing in the shortest time possible.  This increases clients' competitiveness in product research, creativity and manufacturing.

B.Highly customization manufacturing capability (from design to manufacturing)
The Winfox Cable Solution Co., Ltd can accommodate the development and production of all types of customized cables and provide clients with applications for specialized environments.  These include high and low temperatures, high tensile, deflection resistant, oil resistant, chemical resistant, highly soft, flame resistant, etc.  We can meet your specialized needs for all types of application environments.

C.Low quantity, high diversity of design manufacturing services (no minimum quantity for orders)
When you are facing the development and specialized needs of new products, the most commonly used cables on the market won't be able to meet your application requirements.  Or maybe your demand isn't compatible with your supplier's minimum order policy.  Winfox can provide customized cables according to clients' practical needs without a minimum order quantity.

Custom Engineering 
Custom made OEM & ODM Servlce.

Conductor & Stranding (50 AWG min)
Bare Copper, Bunched Strands. Concentric Lay Stranding, Copper Clad Steel, High Strength Copper Alloy, Nickel Plated Copper, Pure Silver, Rope Lay Stranding, Silver Plated Copper, Tinned Copper, Tinsel Copper, Unilay Stranding.

Spiral(50 AWG), Braiding(50 AWG), AL/MY, PTEE TAPE, Mylar...

Insulation & Jacket Material
FEP, Fiberglass Braids, Hytrel, Nylon, Low Smoke/Halogen Free, PFA,Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, PTFE, PVC, Silicone Rubber, Tefzel. TPR, TPE, TPU, TPV(Santoprene, Sarlink...), PUR.

-Kevlar, Nylon yarn, cotton yarn, Nomex, Technora, glass fiber...
Due to product images are only for the brief concepts and ideas, if you can't find any information or product you need in this page, please feel free to Contact us directly.

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Due to product images are only for the brief concepts and ideas, if you can't find any information or product you need in this page, please feel free to Contact us directly.

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