Fluoridepolymer Wire & Cable

The fluoropolymer refers to a particular chemical compound family where the products contain carbon-fluoride bonds. There are hundreds of fluoropolymer materials existing today and some common products of this family are PTFE (Teflon), ETFE, PFA, PVDF, FEP, etc. These materials are frequently used as the coating material and insulation of wires and cables for electrical/electronic appliances because of their durability, chemical resistance, and mechanical strengths. Fluoropolymer insulated wires and cables maintain a high-level performance even in demanding environments, which makes it ideal for chemical processing, electronics, and other industrial applications. The main fluoropolymer materials Winfox uses are PVDF, ETFE, FEP, and PFA.

  • PVDF is lightweight and has good dielectric strength, temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and cut-thru resistance. It is excellent for power supply and medical applications.
  • ETFE can resist chemicals, high temperatures, high voltages, and radiation, making it ideal for aerospace/aviation, nuclear, and electronics application.
  • FEP features high flexibility, low friction, and chemical resistance. Its melting point is 260 degrees Celsius and therefore the recommended operating temperature is lower than 200 degrees Celsius. FEP wiring is often used in fluid-processing applications.
  • PFA's high-temperature resistance and mechanical strength allow it to withstand the operating temperature up to 260 degrees Celsius (higher than FEP). Therefore, it is suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications.

Material: PVDF, ETFE, FEP, PFA / Temperature: 105~260C / Conductor Size: 50AWG min. / Construction / Dimension / Small-quantity Production

Below is an example of Winfox's fluoropolymer wires and cables. If you need more information about the product, please contact us right away and we will deliver a prompt reply.


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