How to Choose the Suitable Cable Manufacturers for Your Project?

How To Choose The Suitable Cable Manufacturers For Your Project?
Custom cable manufacturing is a wide range of industries, and each factory has its own production process and inspection methods. If you need a professional custom cable manufacturing service, it is important to do due your diligence and realize each manufacturer's advantages and features, including their manufacturing capabilities, production equipment, quality control, raw material sources, and so on. In this article, we will sort out the key information to help you look for a suitable manufacturer more quickly.
Do This Manufacturer Really Understands Your Needs?
The first part of evaluating the manufacturer is to confirm that both of you and manufacturer are keeping positive progress when mentioned your expected product. It will help you to work with them more easily in the future if they have the ability to provide appropriate advice and technical assistance according to your expectation. After discussing with you, the manufacturer will usually select the appropriate material according to your application. In the meanwhile, you can ask them a few questions about the cable you intend to purchase.
Can This Manufacturer Produces Cables For Your Industry?
Each industry has different applications and demands for cables. Choosing a manufacturer that specializes produced custom cable for your industry, and asking them whether can provide you the material to meet the specification of your industry, can ensure that you cooperate with a mature manufacturer and bring benefits to your company.
Is The Custom Cable You Requested Used In A Severe Environment?
Although the manufacturer has a wealth of professional knowledge and production experience, it is important that let them fully understand your needs for custom cables. If the custom cable you need will use in a high-temperature environment, please consult the manufacturer for jacket material that can withstand 200°C, such as FEP, PFA or SILICONE.
Is Their Ability Focused On Customized Services, Or Selling Off-The-Shelf Cables?
When looking for a professional cable manufacturer, please make sure that they are specialized in producing custom products. If this manufacturer is not familiar with the steps involved in custom product design, it is likely to cause problems in the final product. To avoid adding to your burden, please ask them for providing work experience to evaluate their quality and service of the entire production process.
What Certifications Should A Qualified Manufacturer Have?
When looking for a manufacturer to take long-term cooperation, you may expect that the salespersons can show you more to prove their product quality and performance. A qualified cable manufacturer usually gained international certificates, such as ISO9001, etc. With the certificates, its customers will clearly know that this manufacturer has credible quality assurance for the products. Besides, the different industries also have their unique specifications and regulations. The manufacturing products abided by the specifications of specific industries can prove that the manufacturer has the ability to supplying for these markets.
The Common Cable Manufacturing Certificates:
ISO 9001
ISO9001 is a quality management system (QMS) released by International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This standard is a credible certification, which is used to examime the quality of products and services provided by the enterprise.
Called Underwriters Laboratories, which represents the highest industry safety standard. It's a non-profit organization accredited by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). UL certification has evaluated more than 70 categories of wire and cable products, and clearly defined the scope of product application, grade parameters, specification structure, test requirements, test conditions and signs.
Called Electrical Testing Laboratories. It comes from Intertek's electrical testing laboratory and is accredited by OSHA. This certification provides testing and certification of product safety, such as EMC testing and performance testing. Having ETF certification can ensure that the products always meet the requirements and the consistency of quality.
CE stands for Conformité Européenne, which is a safety certification for product. It is regarded as a passport for manufacturers to enter the European market. The product passed the the "CE" certificates can be sold in the EU member states to realize the commodity circulation of within Europe.
The full name called Restriction of Hazardous Substances, which is a mandatory standard established by EU legislation. It is mainly used to regulate the materials and technical standards of electronic and electrical products, making it more conducive to human health and environmental protection.
Only the wires and cables that have been approved by REACH are imported to the EU market. It is a regulation (EC 1907/2006) on the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals. It is the EU's preventive management regulation for all chemicals entering the market.
The Cable Standards Applied In Specific Industries:
ISO 13485
ISO 13485 is a quality management system designed and established for medical device manufacturers to maintain the effectiveness of their processes. It can ensure that manufacturers continue to design, develop, produce, install and deliver medical devices that are safe and meet their intended purpose. Having this certification means that the company has met the quality requirements of medical cable assemblies.
TL9000-H 6.0/5.0
TL 9000 is based on existing industry standards (such as ISO 9000). It is a quality system standard for the communications electronics industry established by the QuEST Forum. TL9000 standard is divided into two parts-quality system requirements and quality system indicators. This standard defines a series of basic performance indicators and is used to maintain the quality requirements of telecommunication products and services.
Does Their Production Capacity & Quality Inspection Meet Your Requirements?
Maybe you have a specific reason for wanting to do business with other wire and cable manufacturers, for example, the manufacturer you have cooperated is defective in service, or you may need a higher technique and quality standard prepared for the new developing products. But in any case, among the manufacturers you are considering, they must achieve a high opinion in your mind to get the opportunity to sign a contract with you. It means that the manufacturer not only have excellent production ability, but also ensure that it can provide a stable and reliable delivery.
When visiting the manufacturer, you can evaluate the fluency of the custom cable production line and the completeness of quality inspection. By observing on-site operation by engineers and technicians, you can learn about the manufacturer’s production efficiency and the extent to which they attend to product details. Also, the damage rate of the product may affect your good reputation. It is also important to understand does the manufacturer obtains raw materials through the secure supply chain. Cooperating with the manufacturer who has a complete production line and quality control method, and had the ability to accurately consider cost and production time to provide reasonableness in price, can reduce the incidence of problems when corporating with together in the future.
We Recommend Professional Custom Cable Manufacturers From Taiwan For 
For choosing the right manufacturer, their experience, ability, and certification will determine whether they have the qualification to provide your company with high-quality products. With more than 30 years of experience, Winfox Cable Solution specializes in providing professional cable knowledge and cable manufacturing for various industries. Based on understanding the importance of promised delivery time to customers, we are committed to bringing customers maximum flexibility with spending the least time cost. We will carry out the cable design, manufacture, and quality inspection of the cable within three days to two weeks after confirming. It means that you can rapidly find a problem and send a request for modification from us when you have special needs for the developing product.
In terms of quality, we offer a variety of conductors, insulators, and jackets, including the material of low-smoke and zero-halogen for your choosing. We can also adapt the corresponding cable material according to your harsh usage environments, such as high temperature or low temperature, oil resistance, or chemical corrosion resistance. All custom cables comply with REACH and RoHS specifications.
Winfox is always focused on understanding customer needs. Whether you bring the drawing or tell us a complete specification, we are capable of providing cost-effective cable solutions for you.