Coil Cable

A coil cable, also known as a coiled cable, is a type of cable that has a coiled or spiral shape. It has elastic memory, allowing it to return to its original shape after stretching or bending. It is commonly used in applications where flexibility, compactness, and easy extension/retraction are required.  Coil cables find application in many industries, including music, military, medical, food and beverage, electronics, and telecommunications. 

Winfox Cable is a professional coil cable manufacturer. We offer customization options for cable length. Our Coil Cables are made with premium copper or aluminum conductors and TPU/PVC/TPEE materials, offering durability and reliable performance. 


  • Good Flexibility
  • Extended Length
  • Custom Coil Dimension
  • Premium Cable Construction and Quality
  • Small Quantity Production

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Coil Cord Cable-1