Custom Solution

Winfox Cable is a company dedicated to manufacturing custom services in superior quality. Its problem-solving team is knowledgeable, experienced and ready to assist you from the beginning of your project. With over thirty year of experience in the manufacture of custom cable assemblies, the company is capable of developing cable assembly products to meet various requirements and applications.

Our Advantage:

A High Degree of Customization: Winfox Cable Solution can cooperate to a high degree with all types of customized cable development and manufacture This includes delivering products designed for use in special conditions, such as high or low temperatures, oil or chemical resistance, highly flexibility etc. We are able to satisfy your special demands for all types of usage environments.

Small Quantities and high diversity in design and manufacture services(no minimum order quantity): When you are facing research and special demands for new products, it is coon to find that commercial cables do not meet your requirements, or that your demand does not comply with the supplier’s minimum order policy. And Winfox can provide you with customized cables in accordance with realistic requirements without a minimum order quantity. 

Flexible, fast delivery in as little as three days to two weeks(adjusted based on the actual level of complexity for the cables): We deeply understand the importance of delivery for customers. That is why Winfox strives to create the flexible schedule management in-factory.

That way, the schedule has more flexibility according to customers’ needs. It also allows customers to complete the cable design in a shorter time, to proof and even manufacture. All of this serves to enhance the customer’s competitiveness in timing for product research, creativity and manufacturing.

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