Production Capability

Custom Engineering 
Custom made OEM & ODM Service.

Single Core Wire
Types of wire include electrical wire, wires for machines, high temperature-resistant wires, high voltage-resistant wires, motor coil wires, triple insulated wires, heating wires, etc.

Multi-Core Composite Cables
Types of cables include medical cables, instrument cables, anti-theft cables, audiovisual cables, data transmission cables, patented Internet cables, patented telephone wires, patented USB cables, robotic arm cables, thermal compensation lead wire, all types of UL cables, all types of coils, super soft cables, etc.  (The above cable types can all provide solutions for RoHS environmental standards.)

Conductor & Stranding (50 AWG min)
In addition to regular bare copper, tin-plated, nickel-plated, or silver-plated single cables or stranded wire, we can also provide copper clad steel, silver-plated copper clad steel, zinc-plated steel cables, cadmium copper (tin- or silver-plated), nickel-branded alloys, tin-copper alloys, copper ferroalloys, silver cables, gold cables, gold-plated cables, and other types of special materials.  Depending on the material, the smallest possible cable diameter is 0.01mm.

We can provide shielded designs in all types of patterns, including spiral (smallest is 50 AWG), braid (smallest is 50 AWG), aluminum mylar, mylar, cotton paper, e-PTFE, etc.

Insulation & Jacket Material
Depending on the properties of the materials, the thinnest wire that can be processed is 0.03mm thickness.  The types of materials available is extensive, including PVC, PP, PE, PU (PUR, TPU), Hytrel, TPEE, Nylon, PFA, FEP, ETFE, PVDF, TPE, TPR, TPV (Santoprene, Sarlink, etc), TPO, Silicone, XLPE, conductive plastic (PE, PVC), LSZH (low smoke zero halogen), etc.

Kevlar, Nylon yarn, cotton yarn, Nomex, Technora, glass fiber, etc...