Silicone Wire & Cable

Silicone wires are highly versatile and widely used across various industries due to their exceptional properties. These wires consist of copper wire conductors insulated with silicone rubber, offering advantages such as high heat resistance and a wide working temperature range (-100 to 200 degrees Celsius). Silicone wire's high melting point prevents gas release and smoking at high temperatures, while its flexible and abrasion-resistant insulation makes it durable in rough environments. It also has excellent chemical and oil resistance, making it suitable for industrial settings. However, it has low resistance to battery acid, so alternative wiring is recommended for battery-related applications.

Silicone wire's exceptional heat resistance, flexibility, durability, and chemical resistance make it ideal for a wide range of applications. It is commonly used in high-temperature machinery, medical equipment, engineering and automation, electronics, aerospace, fire cables, power supply units, and lighting fittings.

  • Hardness: Durometer (Shore 50A~80A) 
  • Various Conductor Size / Construction / Dimension 
  • Small Quantity Production
  • Customization

As a leading silicone wire and cable manufacturer, Winfox provides high-quality products tailored to meet specific needs. We offer reliable solutions that maintain performance in harsh environments. Please note that the product images on our website serve as a brief concept and idea. For more information, please contact us directly.