Tinsel Wire & Cable

Tinsel wire is a highly flexible electrical wire with a low current-carrying capacity. It is commonly used in applications that require extreme flexibility, such as telephone cords, headphones, and small electrical devices. Tinsel wire can withstand repeated bending and twisting without breaking, making it ideal for applications where flexibility is essential.

It is constructed by wrapping thin metal foil strands around a flexible core, usually made of nylon or textile material. This construction provides high mechanical flexibility while maintaining tensile strength. The foil strands have a flat configuration and can be single or multiple strands intertwined.

Due to its low current-carrying capacity, tinsel wire is not suitable for high-current applications. However, it excels in applications where flexibility is paramount. Its primary purpose is to connect audio and communication equipment, such as telephone handsets and headphones. The tinsel wire ensures reliable signal transmission while allowing for frequent movement and bending.

At Winfox, we offer a wide range of tinsel wire and cable options. Our products are known for their flexibility, pull strength, and durability. Whether you need standard tinsel wire or custom solutions, our experienced team can meet your requirements. 

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